Draper Laboratories

Tufts Synthetic Biology has a collaboration and mentorship program with Draper Laboratories. Jason Holder, a synthetic molecular engineer and project leader at Draper Laboratories, serves as an industry connection, and scientific mentor for the Tufts Synthetic Biology Team.

Office of the President

Support from President Anthony Monaco enabled us to become the successful group we are today. Over the last three years, he has consulted with the team about projects and support from within the University, invited members to meet with Dr. J. Craig Venter, first sequencer of the human genome, spent time in SynBio lab, and has helped guide us through the many interdisciplinary resources this institution has to offer.

Institute of Global Leadership

Founding Director Sherman Teichman led Petar Todorov to this iGEM competition where this endeavor began in 2012. They provided expert advice and funding for our Conference on the Future of Phage and Synthetic Biology in the Fall of 2014. We look forward to developing our relationship with the IGL through Bioethics and Big Data Projects.

Tufts Biology

The department has been an invaluable resource in our success. They provided us with lab space, equipment, training guides, and access to their outstanding professors for review of projects, advice, and a course beginning in Fall 2015.

Tufts Chemical and Biological Engineering:

Our advisor, Dr. Nikhil Nair, has been a great help in meeting with the students to review projects, ensuring all projects are up to date, and working with the School of Engineering to provide us with the support we need.

Tufts Chemistry

Professors David Walt and Joshua Kritzer have served as advisors to our team providing us with project reviews, cell lines, and constant and quick answers to our many questions.